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If you’re ready to make your own HHC creations, we’ve got you covered. This Water Soluble Concentration contains nearly 5% HHC (about 50,000 mgs per Liter). It’s great for making your own tinctures, drinks, and anything else that doesn’t mix with oil. Thanks to innovative nanotechnology, the HHC is water-soluble… meaning you get up to 5x the system absorption and ½ the absorption time of an oil tincture.


We add bitter blocker to all water soluble distillates for improved taste.  Additional better blocker can be purchased.  


Please note that the lower the concentration percentage, the smaller the cannibinoid molecule.  Higher percentages, can result in a larger and heavier molecule that may cause the molecule to settle.   For formulations, we recommend 5% (Best) or 10% (Good) for drink lines.  The higher percentage, is great for beverage enhancers or tinctures, that can be shaken prior to consumption.

Shop anywhere from 62.5 mL to 1 liter. Unlike other CBD companies, we don’t want to limit our customers to minimum orders.  We also offer white label services, including design. Please reach out to for more information on our services and pricing.


Give your customers a great way to boost HHC absorption with our HHC Water Soluble Distillate. As Delta 8 provides a more relaxed, couch-like feel, HHC tends to be on the other spectrum. HHC is said to provide a more social, energizing feeling with a boost of mental clarity. Many consumers find HHC to be faster acting than the other cannabinoids. The effects tend to wear off quicker as well.


Please note, our isolates and distillates are derived from industrial h